Hayward Aikido   Martial arts school

Special Programs

Teacher’s Apprenticeships/ Kenshusei

Sandoval Sensei is  proud to offer special programs for those who wish to deepen their understanding of Aikido and who wish to become teachers. A kenshushei himself for many years, Sandoval Sensei takes his responsibility as a teacher seriously and  dedicates himself to mentoring and training the next generation of Aikido  teachers.

To be considered for these programs, you must be 4th kyu or higher and complete a personal interview with Sandoval Sensei. After a 2-month probation period, you may be accepted into the program. Unranked candidates may also apply for this program but will have an additional 6-month probation period.

Training each day will be rewarding and challenging.

Kenshuseis are required to train at least 10 hours a week, includes Iaido and weapons. Attend 3 private classes a week. Assist with Aikido for Kids classes 2 days a week and attend all local seminars and Birankai Summer Camp.

Students graduate from the kenshusei program obtain a fukushidoin certification (certified assistant instructor).


Kenshusei program fee – $150 a month

Uchideshi Program (***Not currently available***)

For more information about this program or to apply, please contact the Chief Instructor.