Hayward Aikido   Martial arts school

Special Programs

Teacher’s Apprenticeships

Sandoval Sensei is  proud to offer special programs for those who wish to deepen their understanding of Aikido and who wish to become teachers. A kenshushei himself for many years, Sandoval Sensei takes his responsibility as a teacher seriously and  dedicates himself to mentoring and training the next generation of Aikido  teachers.

To be considered for these programs, you must be 3rd kyu or higher and complete a personal interview with Sandoval Sensei. After a 3-month probation period, you may be accepted into the program. Unranked candidates may also apply for this program but will have a 6-month probation period.

Training each day will be rewarding and challenging. We have a thriving kids’ practice and a diverse dojo community (different ages, skill levels, past martial arts experience etc.).

Kenshushei monthly tuition:  $150
Uchideshi  monthly tuition: $150 + rent (to be determined) – (***Not currently available***)

If there is financial hardship, please speak to the Chief Instructor.


Kenshusei Program

We have two levels of kenshushi programs depending on the age of the candidate. Both are rigorous and demanding training program with a minimum one-year commitment.

Kenshushi must attend all local seminars and Birankai Summer Camp. In addition to intense training, Kenshushei must help run and clean the dojo, manage administrative tasks, and teach classes.

Students graduate from the kenshusei program by passing a fukushidoin (certified assistant instructor) or shidoin (certified instructor) test.

Kenshushi (18-35 years old)

  • Train at least 12 hours a week, including Iaido and weapons
  • Attend Friday Kenshushei class once a month
  • Assist with Aikido for Kids class 3 days a week

Kenshushi (36 years or older)

  • Train at least 8 hours a week, including Iaido and weapons
  • Attend Friday Kenshushei class once a month
  • Assist with the Aikido for Adolescents class once a month


Uchideshi Program (***Not currently available***)

In keeping with the spirit and tradition of  many martial arts,  the Uchideshi program is for those who wish to fully immerse themselves in Aikido. This is a physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding training program with a one-year commitment.

Uchideshi live at the dojo for an extended period of time, and are expected to put the dojo and their training above all personal needs.   They can expect a more intense training experience intended to help them break through their limits. Uchideshi are required to participate in almost every class (including Kids classes and Kenshushei class),  assist the Chief Instructor in private lessons as necessary, and attend all local and regional seminars. Finally, Uchideshi must take the lead in dojo maintenance and cleaning.

For more information about these programs or to apply, please contact the Chief Instructor.