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Classes are open to all students. Sandoval Sensei’s style focuses on developing a strong foundation, practical application of techniques, and the tempering of body with spirit. You will learn self-defense fundamentals and how to deal with multiple attackers, improving your awareness to become a proficient martial artist.

Aiki Weapons

To compliment the understanding of timing and distance, we offer weapons training. In weapons classes, we learn katas (forms) with the bokken (wooden sword), the jo (wooden staff), the  tanto (knife), and the wakashashi (short sword). Through intense partner training, we bring the katas to life so they are not empty forms.

Beginners’ Aikido and Aiki Weapons

These classes are designed for beginners but may be attended by students of any level. In the Aikido classes, you will focus on establishing good ukemi (how to fall), footwork, body positioning, and work on Aikido techniques. In the Aiki Weapons class, you will focus on how to handle and wield the wooden weapons and work on basic katas (forms).

Iaido (Iai Batto-Ho)

Iaido is the samurai art of drawing and using the sword. Students learn to use the sword not merely as a tool for cutting down one’s enemy, but as a method of allowing the mind and body to become more harmonious with nature. The forms we study are those of the Muso Shinden Ryu Iai as developed by Nakayama Hakudo Sensei. See video.

The Chief Instructor’s permission is required for Iaido classes. You may begin in Iaido at anytime.

Kid’s Aikido (Children and Adolescents)

The Kids’ Program teachers children ages 7-12 the core values of martial arts training. Kids will learn self-defense and awareness in order to stay safe at home, school, and the outside environment. Kids will  improve their self-confidence, coordination, focus, and discipline. See photos from a Kid’s class.

Beginners may start anytime. Kids will be placed into the class appropriate to their size and ability.


Seated zen meditation.  In our zazen practice, we focus on posture, breathing, and mindfulness. We do not attach any religious connotations or significance to our zazen sessions.